A Dance of Fire and Ice MOD APK v2.1.1 (Unlock All Levels)

A Dance of Fire and Ice MOD APK Download

App NameA Dance of Fire and Ice MOD
Publisher7th Beat Games
GenreCasual, Music
Latest Version2.1.1
MOD InfoUnlock All Levels
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A game with remarkable gameplay will assist two components with inverse varieties reach the finish of the screen in A Dance of Fire and Ice. Now and again you will encounter levels with music, however at times a few levels are the offbeat class. In addition, the distance these two can travel will turn out to be longer, more complicated, and really challenging\/accommodating. So stay calm and move accurately and in time.


Other than the usual save component, the new rendition of the game has an interesting capability that allows clients to back up what they have encountered during the game. It works similar to save, however for this backup capability, players will have a way to reestablish the data they have encountered before in case the device’s save record has issues. So this is a straightforward capability yet helpful for multiplayer.


At the point when you experience A Dance of Fire and Ice, you will unquestionably be intrigued with the dazzling yet straightforward graphics it can bring. With a basic plan, players can completely zero in on the two main components of their game screen: Fire and Ice. They are addressed by two red and blue parts that you will easily perceive. These two factors always remain closely connected in any game screen, and here and there it also brings explicit challenges for players.

During the game, you will see the climate appear in a particular request, yet you will discover a few conditions leaning in a particular course over the accompanying many levels. However, you won’t have the foggiest idea about any signs to remember them and the possibly way is to depend on your reflex abilities while controlling these two blue and red components. So challenging gameplay unfurls before the players, and they will attempt to accurately pass.


At the start of the game, you will get two balls, blue and red, that are always together. This fellowship manifests in the fact that one component will be the middle so the other will circumvent it, and some of the time the request will be switched. From this feature, the client will actually want to move fire and ice in an area with certain squares placing these two components on a horizontal or vertical line. At the point when you’re finished, you’ll see the request has changed, and you will not have the option to stop to think.

Establishing this straight line is all about ability, and the development trajectory of a component is appeared through broken lines. In any case, it won’t move perpetually; there will be a breaking point that you want to meet. On the off chance that you can’t make a straight line and the external component goes all the way around, then these two components will disappear. At the end of the day, on the off chance that you are creating a horizontal line and the climate is in a straight line position, then you will require these two components in their separate positions.

These two factors can be considered to have a relationship that helps each other move, and one will be the root for the other to move. With the game climate’s change, the line creation also should be done accurately according to the climate. Hence, this is often a factor that makes players feel troublesome during the game because the environmental factor can also rotate toward any path, and having a reasonable way of handling it is always necessary for each player.


Each game screen will have a certain distance that the player should go all the way, similar to the paving stones. The level’s goal is very basic; you should go to the furthest limit of the level and match a moving component with the white circle of the level. At the point when it finishes, then you will keep on going to another level. As can be seen, the goal of this game is straightforward, however the distance to the final destination is complicated.

The quantity of A Dance of Fire and Ice levels is completely varied, and you will take time to traverse it. There will always be straightforward levels to familiarize you with the components and gameplay. Simultaneously, over the long haul, you will also work on your abilities and face many challenges from the climate and the speed of the components. Obviously, there aren’t any factors that can assist you with disposing of these factors.


Each step you take won’t have any components appear, yet as you go on, in certain areas, you will have a few symbols appear. Each of these images has the same impact and affects your two circles. The snail symbol, for example, will dial back the two circles and allow you an opportunity to move all the more productively, and contrary to this component, the rabbit symbol will increase the development speed.

A Dance of Fire and Ice MOD v2.1.1