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App NameA Musical Story MOD
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Latest Version1.0.5.1
MOD InfoFull Game/Patched
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A story related to music has made you feel energized, and you appear to want to vanquish it in A Musical Story. This is another game; the player will be a companion in Gabriel’s band. The important occasions will be portrayed, and you are the person who understands these headings better than anyone else. All the more specifically, the game will furnish you with props for you to perform attractive and mixing music melodies.


From a small upheaval, presently an individual from your band is losing their musical reasonableness. He is Gabriel, a multi-talented artist, and it appears to be that you and the other individuals have a hard time accepting these things. That’s right; you have found a practical arrangement that is playing memory-inspiring tunes. Thanks to these tunes, he desires to recuperate a portion of his great recollections.

In this game, you have the option to utilize the amazing music that the game gives to perform. The melodies in these have their own thrilling features, and based on that; you can perceive how extraordinary A Musical Story is. The melodies made him recall his recollections a piece and appeared to have a positive signal. Through melodies, you can also pass emotional sentiments on to your closest companion. Reestablish your companion’s memory and gradually regain the gathering’s performance because your gathering is the most splendid star in this world.


The melodies are clearly characterized according to each subject and according to various playing styles. Players and their teammates can utilize any music to create impressions. You’ll also get a variety of multi-instruments to assist you with effectively playing out that tune. The minutes getting overwhelmed with emotion will be the most great minutes. Thanks to circumstances such as these, you feel the nearby fraternity in this A Musical Story.

It might be ideal assuming you also gave exact headings for your gathering to develop more powerful than previously. Besides the fact that each individual shows a remarkable side, however everybody necessities to add a lot of different talents as well. You ought to also add new features, for example, playing an alternate instrument to increase your ability to handle situations. Through this practice, your band will attract extraordinary attention from fans.


Players will actually want to perform a large portion of the world’s best tunes in many various ways. Players also need to expand the music market by absorbing new areas. All the more specifically, you ought to also create more melodies suitable for the weak market to attract countless visitors. The more individuals who support, the more grounded your gathering will develop and leave a profound impression in the hearts of the audience.

Players ought to also participate in a-list music contests because that way you become better. What is more intriguing is that the challenges will bring you great awards and you will have more rewards, and those prizes will assist you with purchasing more necessary devices or supplement a large number of instruments. Gabriel will also play with the gathering, and the snapshots of youth will be imitated most distinctively through this amazing music.

Radiant recollections will also get back to our characters and the companions who assisted Gabriel with escaping the chaos. A Musical Story is hoping to add new music with potential, and the actual players love the new addition. Players will get to evaluate various instruments. Thanks to these advanced instruments, you add an interesting edge to your talent. Players can also perform with companions at great shows, getting overwhelmed with emotion.


  • Just you and your companions in the gathering can create treat for Gabriel to assist him with recuperating rapidly.
  • Re-exploit the qualities of each part to elevate the gathering to create and play out the latest tunes.
  • Pick melodies that inspire recollections and revive the main character’s spirit so he knows his general surroundings.
  • Partake in the resonating sounds and the new instruments given by the game to allow you uninhibitedly to pick.
  • New melodies and new tunes are added to enhance the music store and from that point foster new features of this game.

A Musical Story MOD v1.0.5.1