Adaptive Icon Pack v1.7.5 APK (Full/Patched) Download for Android

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App NameAdaptive Icon Pack MOD
Latest Versionv1.7.5
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
Get it OnPlayStore

Adaptive Icon Pack is an application that allows you to create visualizers with your personal style. Hundreds of themes are created for free.

Adaptive icons and icon packs try to make our app drawers and docks look uniform, consistent, and beautiful, but they both have their limits. Where they fail, however, Adaptive Icon Pack not only succeeds but thrives. Whether you want your apps to have a consistent look and feel or create an icon pack that perfectly suits your budding themes, the app is a fantastic tool to keep in your toolkit.

Even the best icon packs leave gaps. There are millions of apps on Google Play, to say nothing of third-party app stores, and icon makers can’t make specialized icons for them all in their packs. Icon masks help smooth over the gaps an icon pack can leave in your app drawer, and Icon Pack Studio helps users make an icon mask just the way they want it.

Don’t want your icon pack to have a shape behind it? Resize the Background to 0, and you’ll have a sweet mono-color icon pack, like a color-changeable Whicons pack.
Want see-through icons? The compositing options for Logo allow you to make semi-clear or obvious logos in your icons?

Want your icons to match your theme? Adaptive Icon Pack can pull colors from your wallpapers — just like Action Launcher’s Quicktheme — or even pull colors from your original app icons, making the Facebook app blue, Hangouts green, and so on. Pulling the app colors isn’t always perfect, but the wallpaper colors are usually pretty dead on.
An update this week also gave the app a new option for color-picking: hex color input, so that you can match your colors precisely with other elements of your theme.
Use textures to create unique metallic packs, camo packs, and geometric packs. The scalloped pattern makes for a cool mermaid icon pack. Many of the FX like this is part of the Material Bundle, a $2.49 upgrade that turns the Adaptive Icon Pack up to 11.
Once you’ve made an icon pack, you still need to apply the icon pack. If you’re using Smart Launcher 5, you can do this pretty much instantly — after the Smart Launcher team makes all, Icon Pack Studio. If you’re using another launcher, Icon Pack Studio will export your icon pack as a separate app installed and applied like a regular icon pack.

The export and install process is fairly painless, though you can only have one exported icon pack installed at a time, as every pack from the app exports and installs as an app with the same name: Exported Adaptive Icon Pack. Since most launchers can only use one icon pack at a time, that’s not really a problem, but if you bounce back and forth a lot between themes, be prepared to come back and re-export each time you switch — or consider switching to Smart Launcher.

If you’re a theme that likes to share your setups with others, this app also got a heck of a lot more alluring with its last update, which allows you to share the settings of one of your packs to someone else with Icon Pack Studio so they can import it and apply it in a few easy clicks.

Adaptive Icon Pack is a great tool for building icon packs that perfectly pair with your wallpapers, and it’s also a great tool for Smart Launcher to try and improve its functionality and image as a theming launcher. Whether you want an app drawer that is completely consistent or wants icons that perfectly match each theme, this app is for you.

Adaptive Icon Pack MOD v1.7.5


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