AirBrush MOD APK v6.6.4 [Premium Unlocked]

AirBrush MOD APK
App Name AirBrush
Latest Version v6.6.4
Last Updated 13 Jul 2024
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Category Photography
Size 147M
Google Playstore google play
4.2 Rating (456)

AirBrush provides a variety of editing tools that allow users to alter the appearance of their photos. By learning to edit images based on their own preferences, users can achieve a more professional look. The system offers controls for lighting, composition, and a range of functions. The latest version introduces editing capabilities for videos as well. Users can enhance certain aspects of a photo using the Sparkle feature. Additionally, the app offers the option to showcase one's personality by sharing unique fonts.


AirBrush will enhance your selfie by providing a flawless appearance. The built-in scanner can detect facial acne, which the system will then remove for smoother skin. Additionally, users can easily eliminate any unwanted bruises that may have appeared in the photo. The blemish remover tool will ensure a natural and even coverage. For a more polished look, users are encouraged to try the makeup powders available in the application. By using these features, you can transform your face to appear more radiant and lively. Users have the option to adjust the skin tone by tapping multiple times, and the filter will adjust the skin color according to their preferences. To achieve a realistic result, it is recommended to swipe the brush over the desired areas so that the powder adheres to the foundation properly.


If users desire to have white and bright teeth, they can try our teeth whitening tool. By using a brush to sweep over the areas needing to be whitened, the system will be effective. The whiteness of the teeth can be adjusted through the controller, with natural white teeth color samples provided. Additionally, the eye correction toolkit can enhance the viewer's attention, making eyes appear more significant, brighter, and more beautiful. The toolkit also includes options for applying beautiful eyeshadows and shaping the eyes. Users can use the swipe feature to thin surfaces in the image, freeing up space for creating a glowing effect on the face to make it stand out.


Artistic features are essential in AirBrush, allowing users to enhance image quality to HD standards. Users can utilize tools to blur, crop, stretch, shrink, and adjust images according to their needs. Automatic and manual adjustment tools are available to improve image sharpness. The app's overlay and blur system can be used to create digital photo effects. By applying professional editing techniques, important elements in the photo background will stand out, making ordinary photos more appealing. Images must be uploaded from the device for the system to assist in reframing important parts.


AirBrush offers filters that add a beautiful color overlay to images. You can use nostalgic color layers to create memorable photo collections, while filters with brighter colors can give you a modern and personalized look. The system has options to meet various requirements for different styles. It is now your chance to make a surprising entrance with a stunning appearance. Users have the ability to preview the quality of images before downloading and can make further improvements by revisiting and editing. Additionally, images can be saved in a library for sharing with friends. The system allows for easy connectivity to social media platforms, eliminating the need for intermediary steps.

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