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App NameAlarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers MOD
Latest Versionv5.2.0
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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An alarm is always one of the most useful and convenient tools to wake people up from sleep to prepare for a new day. However, many people have health problems and cannot even wake themselves even if they set the alarm. That makes people often late to work and sleep until noon, even afternoon. This article is for those who are usually sleepy and want to change themselves by waking up early in the morning. Introducing you Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, designed to wake you up with a louder sound than usual. The default alarms of those devices only reach a certain maximum limit and may not even wake the user immediately, but everything will be different with this application.


Alarm Clock was developed for those who often have deep sleep patterns and are difficult to wake up, but it is still designed to gently wake users up. Many people know that awakening someone from a sudden sleep is damaging to health and nerves. So Alarm Clock will have many interesting settings for users to have a good morning. Thanks to its user-friendly interface design, it lists all the app’s features and functions for users. It also comes with many features for the user to personalize the application, such as changing the interface layout, alarms, duration, etc. Everything a user needs to customize the app is covered in great detail and simple yet easy-to-understand descriptions.


Many users often set multiple alarms 5 minutes apart to ensure they always wake up, but still ineffective compared to what “Alarm Clock.” Experts designed by experts who collect data from people worldwide came with an alarm that could wake people up in just one go. The app will not wake up at high volume immediately but will gradually increase the volume, far beyond the device’s level, to create annoyance for the user. It is accompanied by strong vibrations over time or continuously repeats at a steady speed. The app’s alarm capability is absolute, ensuring the user won’t continue sleeping every time the app starts to go off.


If the user is familiar with a certain alarm sound, the body will easily ignore them and fall asleep. So the application has the function of helping users set different ringtones for each day, with increasing sound and even with many attractive functions. The most impressive thing is that users can use their songs to set to ringtone and alter them with the app’s settings.


Each smartphone will always have calendars automatically synced to world standard time, like date, month, year, and time. Alarm Clock will integrate with that calendar and will always notify users each morning with its own voice. Notifications will alternate with each ring, including daily temperature and weather alerts. It can be said that Alarm Clock will integrate all the smart features of a common alarm; even the sound will increase over time if the user does not turn them off in time. The integration with the device’s calendar will bring users many benefits, as it informs all necessary information about the weather and the date. What’s even more impressive is that it also announces user schedules if they have already scheduled it early.


If the user has an unstable life, they will need many user profiles in the Alarm Clock. Each profile automatically saves different settings, like alarm time, alarm pattern, duration, ringtone, and more. Building multiple profiles will give users many attractive benefits, even shorten the time to change alarm settings. Depending on the next day’s schedule, they can instantly change the alarm profiles and never be woken up even if the day is off or free.


Alarm Clock is programmed to wake users up to track their sleeping progress and snoring levels. The app will assess if the user has any illness related to not getting enough sleep through recorded audio and snoring sounds. Of course, the app is overseen by health professionals and is ready to provide users with reasonable suggestions for a healthier life through sleep.

Alarm Clock is designed to wake users up from sleep, helping them have a good and healthy day. Its operating mechanism is simple and ensures to awaken the user with its enormous volume of sound. Also, it integrates with many other attractive features, allowing users to personalize it for the best user experience freely.

Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers MOD v5.2.0


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