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Armor Inspector MOD APK v3.12.14 [Free Purchases]

Armor Inspector MOD APK
App Name Armor Inspector
Latest Version v3.12.14
Last Updated 11 Jul 2024
Publisher Andrew Karpushin
Mod Info Free Purchases
Category Tools
Size 128M
Google Playstore google play
4.6 Rating (698)

Players of the game World of Tanks need the Armor Inspector in order to successfully complete a quest. By utilizing this tool to identify their weaknesses, they can avoid the humiliation of facing unfamiliar opponents. By starting with this step, they can create a more efficient workout plan.


Use the Armor Inspector to examine the problematic tank and gather all necessary information about it. By selecting the tank and clicking on it, you will be presented with customization options. The data provided offers a precise 3D depiction of the tank, including detailed statistics on armor and components. This information is crucial for understanding the tank's capabilities, such as its durability and offensive power. Utilizing this knowledge will greatly enhance your gameplay by enabling you to identify enemy tank types and effectively defeat them.


Armor Inspector contains around 400 different tank variations, offering players a wide selection of tanks to choose from. New models have been introduced with some minor modifications, including the positioning of exterior details on different tank models. This section will focus on the engine and armor of the vehicle, allowing us to calculate the force exerted on the tank and pinpoint any vulnerable areas that enemies can target. With this tactical information, we can overcome our numerical disadvantage and emerge victorious in this war.


You have the option to act as the aggressor and pick your preferred weapon. The damage inflicted by each weapon on your chosen target is shown. A list of all armor types and their respective durability is available. Our assessment will be based on how well each weapon can destroy tanks, beginning with the least efficient and progressing to the most effective. Changing the tank's role from offense to defense provides a new viewpoint on the situation. Our strategy is to target vulnerabilities in their defense. An enraged, defeated opponent poses a threat to you.

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