Auto Clicker Pro – Tapping v3.6.2 (Full Paid) APK Download for Android

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App NameAuto Clicker Pro Tapping MOD
Latest Versionv3.6.2
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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Idle Clickers are games with the simplest and most user-friendly gameplay, where the player’s only major action is to tap as much as possible to complete the objective of the game. There are hundreds of Idle Clicker games that mainly cause players to tap continuously, and are also games that are kept active whether the player is away or inactive. But today, this post will introduce a useful application for clickers games, even helping users’ fingers relax while efficiency is increased hundreds of times. Introduce to you, Tapping – Auto Clicker, a powerful support application for Idle Clicker games, and can also be used for many other purposes so that users are more efficient than tapping with your finger.


“Tapping” is an Auto Clicker application; it is used to replace the action tap of the user and increase the efficiency countless times compared to tapping manually. Discretion of the user, they can install the app, such as speed tap, position, and their order, which makes everything becomes automated. The auto clickers have many useful features and are most effective for idle clicker games, where they require the player tap to continue to generate currency or deal damage. It also helps the user to complete many tasks when the user can easily turn on / off the auto clicker anytime. The great thing is that the app does not consume much of the device’s performance, nor the battery, and much of them so that users can use the app anytime, anywhere, for the best working efficiency.


“Tapping” is an auto-clicker, and it is programmed with the highest level of care for the user to operate the application simply and effectively. Because of that, the application has a perfect interface to help users have the most comfortable using experience for their game or work. Furthermore, thanks to its user-friendly interface, it is easier for the user to map the cursor of the Auto Clicker, as well as their design, size, and order. The interface of the application also allows users to personalize the application, such as change colors, customize, and do many other things to make the application work more flexible, suitable for themselves. Many new features will be updated in the future, as well as improve the interface to a new level, perfectly optimized, and easily accessible to users with just the first time using the app.


“Tapping” makes all related tap- tasks simpler than ever thanks to its key features, as well as comes with multiple modes and different submission. Users are not limited to the amount of cursor they can place on the screen, and each cursor will come with a separate layer for users to freely interact with. Of course, the user can open the application while the game or work is running, for greater accuracy in mapping or easier ordering of the cursor. Each cursor will have its settings, such as the number of taps in a single activation, delay time, order, and even tap mode. Each mode or option has its characteristics, which helps the user to manipulate things, even making it entirely automatic.
However, users need to pay attention to the essential characteristics, which are the configuration and visual effects of the game or work. If the speed is tap too fast for a long time, it can lead to an FPS drop and even cause the device to stop working. The application is programmed to replace the user’s finger, and it is perfectly optimized, but games with high effects will greatly affect the user’s device. Because of that, users should know how to use the application effectively and avoid damaging the device in the worst way.


Each game or job has a separate layout, so re-applying the locations of the cursor will be time-consuming and complicated. Because of that, the app will introduce users to Auto Click’s custom save feature. “Tapping” is a comprehensive aid tool when it replaces the user to complete finger tasks, and it also helps the user to apply settings to each game or different work. After completing a cursor mapping, the user can save the settings, name it, and easily use multiple custom cursor for each different game. With that feature, users will not need to spend a lot of time just mapping cursor complicatedly.

Are you a fan of idle clicker games or constant finger work? Then “Tapping” will be the tool you are looking for, as it is flexible, easy to use, and has a user-friendly interface. It can also store multiple cursor settings for users, giving them a great experience and is more convenient than ever.

Auto Clicker Pro Tapping MOD v3.6.2


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