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App NameBlockerx MOD
Latest Versionv4.6.78
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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BlockerX helps you instantly block all unnecessary content from your device, thanks to robust and handy blocking technologies.

Nowadays, with the vigorous development of science and technology, the internet is a viral tool from adults to children. Besides the positive aspects that the internet brings to everyone, hidden inside it, some disadvantages need to be paid attention to the appearance of many black webs that are rampant on social networks. If misused, it has many immeasurable consequences, especially for children. Below is an application that can help you block the dark web easily. Let me explore this application together!


BlockerX is an application that allows you to block black and porn websites on Android devices. Just log in with an account. You can block any website with harmful, objectionable content that affects many people, especially those under teenagers. When you install the application, all websites are blocked, so you can use the internet without being affected by adult content sites.

Sometimes, porn content can still appear on popular applications such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram … do not worry. This application can help you block annoying websites. Your time is only a few seconds but you have to spend a small amount of money to use this particular feature. Just a few small steps, you can control this content effectively and in no time.


The first and primary feature is to block adult pornographic sites from malicious content. Nowadays, there is a multitude of unorthodox websites that spread widely on social networks. Whether accidentally or intentionally, if we click on it to see it will have serious consequences. Therefore, parents should download this app to protect themselves and their children from all these bad things. The second feature is being able to block other apps.

Besides porn sites, this app also allows you to block annoying and distracting apps like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook … Another useful feature is the app that allows you to operate in Incognito mode if you download the application on your computer and prevent searching for images, videos containing prohibited, violent, or corrupt content on Google, Coccoc….


The first thing you need to do is install the app on your child’s mobile device and computer.

For children, When you open BlockerX, you will see two options appear, click on “My child” (if it’s your child’s device) or Self (it’s your own personal device). Then, you create an account by registering and entering your email name, and then they will send the email receiving code to your device. It would help if you pressed the button to accept the terms-> then click on the start button.

The screen will show the Go to settings button, and you need to accept some permissions such as accessibility, VPN connection, and admin rights (child’s device). When the setup is complete, you need to log in to your BlockerX to control their child’s activities. Open the app and select the My Child and the device as Self (mine) audience and sign in. You need to click on the List to add adult, pornographic, violent, pornographic content … to help control your child.


If you want to control yourself to avoid harmful websites, there are a few steps to follow

First, you need to install the application and select it as Self. You need to create an account and register as above for your child’s usage. You need to agree to the terms of use and some app permissions, then choose to Get Started. You need to add more keywords if you find it harmful to you, such as harmful content, porn …

Then do the same steps as in the section of Children. When you open the banned application that you have blocked, you cannot log out or return to the homepage, and you need to press the Back button to return safely. Besides, this application also has device support via a google account. And when using the application, you are sure that your device still keeps a safe connection; if the network is weak, it will affect the software’s operation.

It can be said that BlockerX is a practical application that helps prevent harmful information, images, videos, pornography for children and adults that every home should download the application to use.

Blockerx MOD v4.6.78


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