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Calculator Lock MOD APK v2.4.3 [Premium Unlocked]

Calculator Lock MOD APK
App Name Calculator Lock
Latest Version v2.4.3
Last Updated 09 Jul 2024
Publisher AZ Mobile Software
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Category Tools
Size 17M
Google Playstore google play
4.6 Rating (741)

The app "Calculator Lock: Hide File, Photo Vault & App Lock" may be misleading in its name, but it excels in maintaining privacy. With a secure lock feature, it ensures that no one can access your personal photos and videos, safeguarding your precious memories. Additionally, it offers a hidden calculator that also functions as a secure media storage, providing a delightful surprise for users.

The calculator application on your phone, which may appear harmless, could actually be storing confidential information. Calculator Lock has perfected its ability to blend in seamlessly with other apps. This app disguises your photo album as a calculator so that only you know it is there. In an era of oversharing, this app is a useful tool for keeping your secrets safe from prying eyes and nosy friends. By safeguarding your private content, Calculator Lock serves as more than just a photo vault. Imagine having a private space that is not visible among the apps you regularly use. With Calculator Lock, you can easily create a password-protected photo album that only you can access. By using this app, you can ensure that your personal information and media will remain secure.


Calculator Lock is not just a regular calculator application; it also offers numerous other functions. It can hide photos and videos, as well as protect documents, notes, contacts, and login details. While resembling a calculator, it actually serves as a secure vault for all your personal information. This app allows you to hide an unlimited number of photos and videos for free, making it the most affordable privacy solution on the market.

The unique design of this app as a visually appealing calculator distinguishes it from other competitors. It not only functions as a calculator for hiding photos, but also serves as a secure platform for storing them. By appearing as a regular calculator, the app with the concealed gallery vault disguises its true purpose. Due to its seamless blend of aesthetics and privacy, this app is essential for individuals who prioritize these factors.


Losing all the movies and pictures you hold dear would be a devastating loss. Calculator Lock can be trusted to safeguard the memories that mean the most to you. By utilizing this innovative application, you can rest assured that your private media will remain secure. The calculator lock acts as a digital vault, protecting your cherished memories from unwanted viewers. Think of it as an invisible security measure that keeps a close watch over your media collection.


Nonetheless, there is still more in store! Calculator Lock offers a secure space for your applications and any personal photos or videos you may possess. With this application, an increased level of security is provided by disguising the smart calculator. It works like creating a virtual barrier around your device, preventing unauthorized access to your applications and data. In addition to concealing private information and applications, Calculator Lock also ensures that they are fully locked and inaccessible at all times.

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