Call Recorder – SKVALEX v3.4.9 APK + MOD (Full Version Unlocked) Download

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App NameCall Recorder Skvalex MOD
Latest Versionv3.4.9
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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Call Recorder – SKVALEX stores all user history for many purposes such as security, business, or simply recording your lover’s voice as a souvenir.

Call Recorder – SKVALEX is a call recording application that you will take your time to experience the convenience and settings that it can bring. There will be functions from basic to advanced depending on your desire to experience. So over time, you will learn how to use this app optimally. In addition, do not forget to store the recording files in some important places.


The app gives you a simple, easy-to-use, and useful function in certain situations. You will access the application interface, and not too many things appear in front of your eyes. So you can rest assured with what it brings. It will take you some time to learn some of the functions involved to fully understand and take advantage of the functionality of this application.

For this application, you will be able to put together many lists of call recording files and are organized in a perfectly logical manner over time. That makes it easy to search for calls at a specific time. In addition, for some calls that are important to you, you can add some notes or a star that you can easily recognize during use. So it all helps you to optimize your usage.


In the process of using Call Recorder – SKVALEX, you also need to keep in mind specific rules when using it. You need to follow some rules before you start recording and make sure it’s compliant. At the same time, this recording usually takes place in some communication with some essential people; you will need their consent to proceed with the recording. Once all is secured, then you can start your recording process.

When you start making your call for this app, there will be a button that you can turn on or off as you like depending on your recording needs. Specifically, you can turn it on when starting and stopping at any moment during the call and make sure it has recorded important information of the call. Also, that’s not done yet because you’ll need to consider what you’re going to do with these store calls.

Specifically, you’ll be able to decide whether or not to keep it through the application’s requirements for the audio file. At the same time, in some cases of testing the function, this function is always one of the essential elements to help you optimize the storage of your files. In addition, once you get used to the application, there will be other exciting functions that you can take advantage of in some cases.


One of the first elements you should use is to sort and delete some unimportant files in memory according to your requirements. Specifically, you will set command so that the application will scan when it is time to request and free your memory. So, to avoid the files that you find necessary are not lost, you can put a star on them, and the application will be able to ignore these files and continue with its work.

When you are in the process of communicating with an important person and recording is always a regular and allowed request, you can set up contacts so that the recording is always done. It is entirely convenient for those who do customer care work and makes the use process more convenient if you are always afraid of forgetting to turn on the record button.

For those who use the phone, privacy is always a top factor and should be respected. In particular, for important information recorded in the machine, this must be even more important. You can use this app your way and set up a password so that only you can access it. So anyone needs to go through the validation process before entering the app’s datastore.


Call Recorder – SKVALEX is an application that helps you to record calls completely, efficiently, and quickly. After you receive a call, you decide what to do with it. When storing, what you care about is the file type that this application supports. So make sure that the application stores it in a commonly used and popular format; otherwise, you can use the format conversion function available in the application.

For those who are careful, having them stored inside the phone is always a less specific factor since that is the only source they store. So, after successfully keeping the recording file for some critical information, users can save it on cloud devices. It is straightforward and convenient when you have to store too many recording files and free up memory for the following storage.

Call Recorder Skvalex MOD v3.4.9


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