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Cleaner by Augustro APK (Patched) Download for Android

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App NameCleaner By Augustro MOD
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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Cleaner by Augustro automatically scans all junk files in your device out, ensuring your smartphone runs at top speed with powerful and efficient features.

In human life, every day we generate tons of waste of all kinds and they need to be cleaned and handled. Cleaning up the garbage is a very necessary thing because if you don’t do that, the world will quickly become overwhelmed by garbage. The user’s mobile device is similar, in that there is a lot of trash that if the user does not clean it, it will adversely affect the device. To be able to clean those things, users need a separate application to use. And the application that can provide the best cleaning feature for users is Cleaner by Augustro. This application is one of the top cleaning tools in the world today.


This application is not too demanding in terms of configuration, because it was created to help users improve the speed of the device. It doesn’t matter about the amount of RAM or the CPU, just enough space is needed to download the application to use. The application is also not complicated to the extent that the user cannot use it, it has been designed in a simple way for users to get used to. But before you start using it, you need to download it from the store for it to be installed. Users just need to press the download button and the file of the application will be downloaded and saved in your device automatically.

After the file has been saved, the user needs to open the file and start installing the apk, after a short time, the application will be installed. When the job is done is, the user just needs to launch the application, you will find in it there are a lot of cleaning tools for users to use. Users only need to choose what they need, the application will automatically work to clean the user’s device. After a short time of work, the application can complete the cleaning for the user. It doesn’t take too long, it just takes a few seconds for all to be done.

Scan and delete

The two most prominent features of this application are scan and delete, in the user’s device there are many different types of junk that the user cannot know. It is possible that the user has deleted a lot of things such as apps, photo editing but still failed to reduce the device’s memory. The fact that the memory is constantly filling makes many people feel frustrated because they cannot store and the processing speed of the time will be greatly reduced. But if you use this application, you do not need to worry about the memory being full because the application can find and delete what the user cannot.

The application will automatically scan the user’s device and find a way to remove the garbage inside it. But in order to be scanned deep inside the application, the user needs to provide it with one thing, which is access to memory. This is a simple benefit only, users do not need to worry about it affecting the security of information. When it scans everything that is not necessary, it will delete, but if there is something it does not know, the player will be able to decide for himself.


One of the great features of the app is to automatically clean your device’s memory. In many other applications, users need to do it manually, but for this application, it is all done automatically. Users do not need to access the application but only need to install when it will scan for the application to work. Users can set many different levels for the application to recognize. For example, the memory level is 75% full or 90%, the application will scan, or more than 128Mb is garbage for the application to crash. When the condition is reached, the application will automatically initiate the scan to clean the device. If in another application, users need all of these things completely manually and this will take a lot of time. If you choose this application, you can save a lot of time for other jobs.

Exclusion list

This application after scanning, there will be things that it does not dare to delete such as videos, images, music, it will create an exclusion list for the user to decide, In that list, there will be a lot of things like overlapping photos, images or videos that are too dark or bright, and so on. The application does not delete those things because the user may still need it and be able to use it. The app only provides a list of those things, and the user decides whether to delete them or not. If so, the user needs to press the button, the application will automatically delete.

Cleaner By Augustro MOD


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