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Cut Paste Photos MOD APK v10.7.2 [Premium Unlocked]

Cut Paste Photos MOD APK
App Name Cut Paste Photos
Latest Version v10.7.2
Last Updated 12 Jul 2024
Publisher Dexati
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Category Photography
Size 16M
Google Playstore google play
5.0 Rating (982)

The Cut Paste Photos application allows you to create incredible effects with your photos. There was a sudden and surprising shift in the situation. Only specific colors and effects are utilized to improve the image.


If you are unsure how to change the background of a photo or swap faces without using complex Photoshop or Lightroom, Cut Paste Photos has got you covered. This app offers various features for background editing and image collages to provide a professional editing experience.


To enhance your image, you can apply this tool and compare the before and after results to see the difference from a plain image. The original photo already has a nice background. It is easy to use these functions to perform edits. Simply use the copy and paste option to transfer the subject (typically yourself or friends) onto the desired wallpaper, and you're finished.

First, tidy up the background image by getting rid of any undesired elements while maintaining the most precise depiction of the scene. Next, while reviewing the image, tap the screen to emphasize the relevant section, then choose either Cut, Copy, or Paste. You will now have a photo that is flawless and stylish. The app will enable users to streamline the collage creation process with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) background removal technology.


To easily exchange one face for another, simply like altering the backdrop of a picture. This feature is necessary if you wish to eliminate someone from a photo or place a different character over an existing one. Utilize this option when taking a group photo of friends or family without revealing any identifiable faces.


The two main features mentioned above are just a small part of Cut Paste Photos, which offers over a hundred detailed features to help you edit any section of your photo. To benefit from these features, you should download the latest version of Advanced Photo Editor, a collection of tools designed for these primary functions. The software helps refine the edges of cropped photos without altering their natural look, making it perfect for removing unwanted objects. Another tool, Color Pop, allows you to selectively adjust the saturation of specific colors while leaving the rest of the image untouched. Monochrome is a straightforward color scheme that can be used to create striking, focused images.

In addition, you will have access to the advanced Photo Clone tool. This feature allows users to insert several duplicates of themselves into a single photo, creating a humorous cloning effect. Users can specify the number of copies and have the program automatically place them, or they can manually select the angle. The Photo Mirror effect duplicates a person in an image multiple times, adding excitement to the final result.

You can insert text within forms. In the Cut Paste Photos app, you have the option to select from a range of stylish dragon dance designs and fonts to merge with your photos. You can then customize the size, color, and placement to suit your preferences. This technique can be utilized to add a unique touch to Instagram stories. Additionally, the Dual Exposure tool is available to recreate the effect of double exposure, where one object overlaps another or two individuals in different positions blend together. Your creativity can flow freely amidst the vivid colors and stunning landscapes. This app offers a wide variety of artistic options.

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