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Daily Random Facts MOD APK v4.59.1 [Premium Unlocked]

Daily Random Facts MOD APK
App Name Daily Random Facts
Latest Version v4.59.1
Last Updated 18 Jul 2024
Publisher Monkey Taps LLC
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Category Books Reference
Size 130M
Google Playstore google play
4.2 Rating (442)

Learning about the world is a valuable investment of your time, and Daily Random Facts is a great way to discover something new and unexpected. This app gathers a wide range of surprising and random facts from different parts of the globe. It covers a variety of topics to showcase the diversity of the information available. Each day, the app presents a fresh and fascinating piece of information to kick off your day with a sense of curiosity and intelligence. The facts provided are accessible and straightforward, ensuring that they are easy to understand for everyone. The rigorous research and verification process behind these facts give you assurance that they are both accurate and trustworthy.


You will need to select a topic that caught your attention when you first started using Daily Random Facts. Additionally, choose random information from around the world that relates to the facts provided in the app, such as topics related to culture and science. You can organize and display these facts in any way you prefer on your mobile device. It would be wonderful to have an intriguing fact greet you each morning as soon as you unlock your smartphone. It is recommended to set them up to appear immediately upon turning on your device. Starting your day by expanding your knowledge can be an enjoyable activity.


Categorizing your interest in knowledge is crucial and involves various subjects such as science, the human body, animals, and the environment, as well as general life advice. By selecting multiple topics simultaneously, simply choose the topic that intrigues you the most and sparks your desire to learn more. Information on different topics will be displayed in a disorganized manner on your mobile device, with each piece of information accompanied by striking illustrations. These lesser-known facts are sure to pique your curiosity as they are not commonly known among your peers. To support your friends, there is no better way than providing them with this valuable information.


These interesting pieces of information are showcased with an appealing and easy-to-use utility system. It's like having a simplified version of your app on your smartphone that functions efficiently wherever you are. The aim of ensuring the information is kept current will also be achieved. Along with the information, the widget will show a related illustration. Widgets are crucial to the smartphone experience and should be utilized regularly. You can rely on the widget if you're pressed for time but still want to expand your knowledge each day. Keep gathering data that is concise yet highly pertinent and accurate.


Daily Random Facts offers the option for users to customize the color, font size, and style of the facts to make it easier to read. Additionally, users can easily change the font to suit their preferences. The background texture color will also be adjusted after each fact to enhance visual appeal. It is important to have visually appealing information in order to aid in learning and retention. Therefore, decor is an important aspect to consider. This will help users stay motivated to learn and become a valuable source of information for others.

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