Dr. Safety v3.0.1797 APK + MOD (Many Features) Download for Android

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App NameDr. Safety MOD
Latest Versionv3.0.1797
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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The mobile phone is gradually becoming an essential thing for many people because the effect it brings is too significant. Smartphones are not only used for communication but can also be used to store confidential information, bank accounts, personal information, and more. So this is often the device that many hackers target to attack and steal information. No one wants crucial personal information of themselves stolen, so how do you prevent that from happening? That is by using the application Dr.Safety to protect the user’s device. This is the leading tool today to help users save the safety of the device.


Anti-virus applications like this one are not too difficult to use, because it is entirely automatic. But before that, the user needs to do a few things to make sure the application has completed the preparation. The first thing to do is to download the apk file from the store and install the app on the device to use it. Once installed successfully, launch the application for the first time so it can complete its final preparation. It will ask the user to provide some permissions to make it work best. This is an anti-virus application, so it won’t be possible to harm the device. So users can permit them without worrying about anything else. If you feel that the device needs to be scanned for viruses, with one touch, the job will be completed in seconds to bring safety to the user. When scanning, the application will scan all folders, applications, and many things to find viruses in the device. So it will take a short time to be able to complete the assigned task.

Warning and Virus Scan

After the application completes the scan, it will display viruses and potentially harmful applications for you to delete. If any virus appears, the application will automatically remove to protect the device without the help of the user. But if there is a potentially dangerous application, the user must remove it himself; the application only works recommended to the user. Not only scan and empty, but the app also scans before the app is installed for the best security. Before an app is installed, the device scans for malware, spyware, and security threats. Thanks to that, the device will be protected at the maximum level and without any possible threats.

Use the internet safely

The app protects not only the user from viruses and other app installed on the device but also the internet. The reason is simple, there are many malicious things on the internet, and viruses can also be transmitted to the device via the internet. So for maximum protection, this application can also protect from the penetration of viruses through the internet. The application can block websites that contain malicious links and cause risks to the device. The application also blocks automatic windows from appearing to prevent viruses from getting into the device. Therefore, users can avoid the risk of personal information being stolen when accessing fake websites to prevent the wrong things from happening.

Find My Phone

On the app store, many apps have been developed to do the same thing, but none of them have this feature yet. This feature is the feature to find the user’s phone in case of loss of the phone. Many people ask because forgetting or being stolen leads to the loss of the phone, but the phone is essential, so everyone wants to find it again. But in most cases, the phone is lost and everything in it, only a few can be recovered. Although it is difficult to find, the application still has one feature to assist: locating the phone.

The app can detect where your phone is to get there and get it back before it’s too late. If there is not enough time, the application can retrieve all the data to avoid data theft. If you are lucky, you can find it again, but otherwise, at least the user’s data is safe.

Dr. Safety MOD v3.0.1797


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