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App NameEnglish Tests MOD
PublisherGeorge K. / Key to English
Latest Version2.8
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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These days, being familiar with dialects, particularly English, is very important to have the option to convey and serve for work. Nonetheless, it won’t be simple for you to get yourself truly quality applications and bring ideal effectiveness. Consequently, the presentation of English Tests will be the best insight for you, and through that, you will rehearse fundamental abilities.


On the off chance that you are searching for an application that contains every one of the vital capabilities to further develop your English level, then, at that point, English Tests is an ideal decision for you. Planned with a special connection point, you will rapidly adjust to an interesting learning climate through this application. What’s more, to be appropriate for all ages, the application will be separated into various points, and you can look for the subjects you love.

In addition, the points will spin around day to day existence or world settings for clients to have all the more new encounters. The majority of the subjects who learn English commit an error that is informal picking up prompting low quality survey, so the subject-based learning strategy for this application is very much sensible and worth an attempt.


To have the option to consummate every one of the abilities, you likewise need to work on your insight into sentence structure. The application will bring you valuable and different sentence structure examples, and you will be furnished with equations to comprehend the illustration better. Moreover, to make certain of how much information you have consumed, the application will give practice questions comparing to each piece of the recipe with the goal that you recollect the example longer and expert the information you have recently learned.

Try not to stress an excess of when you are simply beginning since English Tests are generally reasonable for all ages, regardless of whether you are a novice. What’s more, the language illustrations will build as indicated by your learning level, and you are permitted to save your examples and survey them on the off chance that you need.


This application is the best space to retrain your abilities and level of study and increment the happiness regarding partaking in web-based examples here. The learning strategy here is to zero in on your punctuation and practice cautiously so you can dominate the most capable method for making sentences. Moreover, you might experience a few errors while doing activities and commit little errors.

The application will constantly uphold you any place you are with the goal that you can address your mix-ups and gain from your errors. Then again, the examples through every point you take part in will likewise have the capability of recalling the blunders experienced in the educational experience and assisting you with fixing them all. This is an exceptionally compelling method for learning for the people who are experiencing difficulty with their language structure.


Notwithstanding snapshots of being drenched in space with an assortment of punctuation, the application likewise permits you to really take a look at your level through every illustration through painstakingly ordered quality tests. If you have any desire to work on your score as well as reconsider your learning, the application will give you an interesting and enthusiastic learning climate.

Furthermore, the application will be an extraordinary encounter while constantly bringing you alluring and unique highlights. Likewise, assuming you really want to get clarification on pressing issues or have inquiries concerning the illustrations, rapidly bookmark the inquiries you really want by point with the goal that you can look and find solutions all the more rapidly. Moreover, to have the option to screen the educational experience intently, you can save the outcomes to look at through each test.


  • Work on self-concentrate on through going with this application; to consummate the abilities you actually miss the mark on, is an ideal decision to encounter
  • Everyday illustrations will be completely set up and prepared for you to investigate; this is the most ideal time for you to advance the information that you are as yet unclear and develop more to prepare your psyche.
  • Learning themes will spin around regular day to day existence for you to effectively get a handle on and retain quicker. What’s more, language structure examples will furnish you with complete equations.
  • Recollecting botches has never been more clear; after every example, the application will carry you commonsense activities to help you recall more and immediately right when you experience botches.
  • Experience the tests of English Tests track your learning progress, and record the consequences of each test so you don’t misstep the same way and work on sometime later

English Tests MOD v2.8