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App NameFuneasylearn MOD
Latest Versionv2.9.4
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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FunEasyLearn contains knowledge to learn many different languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Chinese, etc…with useful and effective lessons.

Language learning is seen as one of the imperatives in different educational, but their effects are random to each student’s nature. If you are a parent or are looking for an application to help people learn foreign languages ​​easier, FunEasyLearn will be the choice for you. It is an application that educates and helps people approach foreign languages ​​simpler and more entertaining. It will combine lessons with games, making each lecture more intriguing and engaging. Many people prove that such a teaching method is highly effective, easily improving everyone’s foreign language in just a short time.


FunEasyLearn will combine the game with the lessons, creating a new breeze for users, and continuously bringing them useful lessons. The application supports foreign languages ​​teaching with many international languages, ensuring users always get skills in any language they love. The application’s highlight is the mini-games included in each lesson, and their difficulty increases based on the lesson level. The app will divide the curriculum into different levels, and there will be a simple quiz at the start to choose the right level for the user. The curriculum is varied and rich, helping users grasp the vocabulary and basic grammar of any language they need. However, the lesson’s effectiveness will still depend on the users and their level of language proficiency.


User proficiency can be decided through a test, or the user can choose. Each level will include many different educational programs, and all of them are endless, to help users become comfortable with foreign languages and strengthen their vocabulary or grammar. Interestingly, all the lessons in each program will feature random mini-games and challenge the player’s memory after teaching. If the user wants to speed up language learning, it can be through the application’s challenges. These challenges are randomly built according to the user’s current level but have greater difficulty than average, helping users boost learning efficiency.


FunEasyLearn’s challenges are all for confidence in their receptive ability with the language they are learning. The user’s task is simple; it is to score the highest possible score or pass the minimum requirement of challenges as they are short but effective for challenging users’ intelligence. The difficulty of the challenge will depend on the user’s level, and it will constantly provide them with new vocabulary and grammar corresponding to their level. Education is often boring and ineffective because it is not enough to stimulate the user’s creativity, and FunEasyLearn prides itself on helping users quickly master any language effectively.


FunEasyLearn is a free and endless educational app for users can learn their favorite language anytime, anywhere, without any restrictions. Users can even escalate their achievements and strive with other students for outstanding accomplishments. Of course, the app will also have level-up tests, allowing users to continue with a higher level of that language. However, many people do not have the conditions to learn long-term, so FunEasyLearn has developed short, fast, and effective lessons. Even with just 5 minutes a day, users’ learning progress can be guaranteed and promoted easily. Although those lessons only focus on grammar, while the user has to study that language’s vocabulary in free time.


If you learn a language is for work, then FunEasyLearn will have many different categories for you to choose from and study freely. Each occupation is categorized into a category, and its content will include words that are often used exclusively. Users will also be taught how to use grammar reasonably, accompanied by high-quality audio and visuals, to ensure the lesson’s quality. Accompanying those lists will be a dedicated handbook to greet and answer the basics if users chat with foreigners. It will integrate with a search engine so that users can instantly communicate with the object accurately and perfectly.

FunEasyLearn has loads of things for users to explore and enjoy, while its main element is the fascinating and impressive mini-games. It is an application for those looking to learn a language effectively and intensively as it categorizes each area in detail to communicate with foreigners quickly. If you are looking for an application that can significantly improve your foreign language, FunEasyLearn will be a perfect choice.

Funeasylearn MOD v2.9.4


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