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App NameImagemeter Pro MOD
Latest Versionv3.5.27
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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ImageMeter – Photo Measure is an application that allows users to immediately use their phones to measure distances between points only through images. This would be an application suitable for those who often have to measure actual distances, such as architects, carpenters, or construction engineers. Moreover, ImageMeter Pro also allows users to save parameters or notes in images and export them simultaneously with it. In this way, you won’t need to draw too many sketches with cryptic symbols. Your customers won’t need a headache when looking at your design.

Basic Features

This is an essential application when you want to measure anything that displays right before your eyes. Even the distance from you to the clouds (hehe)

ImageMeter allows users to measure distances just through images, such as the length of a pole. You just need to capture the image, and “ImageMeter” will solve it for you. Moreover, users can also measure multiple distances at the same time. In addition, other parameters such as the angle or diameter of a circle can easily be made and return results very accurately. So, how can ImageMeter do that, and how does it work?

ImageMeter works and gives very accurate parameters, only with a minimal difference. The application works based on calculation tools. First, you will have to adjust the virtual plane to fits to details of the image. The second condition is that you must enter a few parameters as the basis for the calculation for “ImageMeter.” Once you have the parameters, you can know all the values ​​for distance, angle, or area of ​​a specific range right in the picture. You just need to drag a line corresponding to the length on the image, and the missing parameters will appear. This is possible because the application will automatically calculate the proportion of the part you are looking for and compare it with the original data, which will then produce the result. So, as long as the user gives the correct data, the data returned will be very accurate.

Special Features

These unique features will prove why this app is selling so well

Users can work and write manuscripts right on the image. No need to draw complicated stretches anymore; now, you just need to take photos and manipulate the “ImageMeter.” The application also allows users to write text on images to save notes.

ImageMeter can be linked-to laser meters by Bluetooth. Users only need to connect, then conduct measurement every time it comes to enter data.

Overall, ImageMeter is an efficient application to work with. It makes your work done faster, more comfortable, and, most importantly, less strenuous. The app supports many types of calculations, so users do not need to calculate each tiring step. However, the calculation distance will not be 100% accurate. Then there will be a small error compared to the actual distance. So, for works that require accuracy and professionalism, you should only use “ImageMeter” to estimate. However, for drafts that do not require high precision, try “ImageMeter.”

Imagemeter Pro MOD v3.5.27


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