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App NameJohn Gba MOD
Latest Versionv3.93
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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The Game Boy Advance, or for short, is GBA, a handheld gaming console of the old generation, but it is one of the first systems to appear in many people’s childhood. The games of that system all have pixel graphics, simple gameplay, familiar control mechanism, but they are enjoyable and thousand of things for players to explore. However, all of its exclusive games cannot be found on other platforms, so the emergence of emulated applications is created. One of the trusted emulators is John GBA, an emulator with many advanced features and a user-friendly interface for users to enjoy all GBA games.

However, the application has a minus point, and that is, it does not support a huge available library of GBA games, but users have to search and download them manually. “John GBA” features the automatic scan of the entire device memory to search game files, whether zipped or not. Therefore, users only download ROMs of their favorite games, and the application will complete the game import session. With such simple steps, players can enjoy their favorite GBA games easily.


Before starting the application, users will be greeted with a friendly interface, with detailed instructions on how to use, features, and many other things. The interface of the application is designed to be simple, suitable for an emulator, instead of simulating the whole appearance of GBA. The interface of the application will be flexible, allowing users to adjust settings, change control mechanisms, and many other things for the best experience. Also, instead of being a pre-listed interface, the app is designed in the form of menu lists that can be extended to provide users with the necessary features. The interface of an emulator is an important thing, as it helps new users quickly get acquainted, know how to use all the features, and even install the game themselves.


Users can easily import any game they want as long as they have the ROM file in the device’s memory. The application will automatically scan the device memory every time it is started, and it will automatically display all the games that the user has imported. However, the interface of the application will arrange these games in many different categories, as each game will have a separate memory to ensure the player’s progress. The users can also manage their game through available options, such as changing the save file, formatting, and more. After completing all the necessary processes, the player simply needs to tap on the game and ready to enjoy it. The application will immediately switch to a different screen type depending on the user’s settings.


The virtual control buttons on the screen are what bring the experience of GBA systems. Yes, all the functions that users know on a GBA machine will be perfectly emulated, giving players a nostalgic feeling. All that is available only in smart emulators, even players can customize it to suit their preferences. Whether horizontal or vertical screens, all are available, giving users a variety of control experience. Of course, players can enlarge, expand, blur, and even change the position of the control buttons thanks to the control button customization feature. After everything is customized, the user can save them to a state, and easily switch back and forth between each state depending on the game being emulated.


While experiencing the emulator, users will be introduced to two features: save game and load states. Yes, players can save the progress of their games, and freely load them to continue enjoying them. The application will have a total of 10 save slots, applying to all games that the user is currently having. Users can save overwrite or delete a save slot to use for other games. The state is used to save all user and game settings at once, and the operation is similar to save games, so users will have no difficulty when they are proficient in the application. Players will also be introduced to another special feature that has been added in recent updates, which is the screenshot feature. That feature only saves the image that is automatically cut from the play screen, and it will not take the overview screen, then be automatically saved in the user’s photo library.

John GBA is currently rated as one of the simplest GBA emulators that users can find on the market. It is an application that is easy to manipulate, less complex features, and easily mastered in a short time. If you want to return to your childhood and enjoy the famous GBA games, this application will be a perfect choice.

John Gba MOD v3.93


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