Litchi for DJI Drones MOD APK v4.26.2-g (PAID/Patched)

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App NameLitchi for DJI Drones MOD
PublisherVC Technology Ltd
Latest Version4.26.2-g
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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Controlling a DJI drone no longer turns out to be excessively mind boggling for clients when they attempt the Litchi for DJI Mavic\/Ghost\/Rouse\/Flash. Clients will see what is above in a totally new and delightful manner with different picture quality flexible for this capability. Simultaneously, over the long run, this application additionally gives clients support renditions of usefulness as well as expanding the quantity of gadgets that can be upheld. Thus, this is the application that will assist you with releasing your robot’s maximum capacity.


At the point when you are a DJI drone client, you can positively not disregard another gadget that has quite recently been upheld by the application, which is the Mavic Little 1. You can utilize all the different flight works that the application support notwithstanding the Waypoint capability. However, you won’t stress since this capability will be included the accompanying refreshed renditions. So you will utilize the guide to go to the area that you frequently utilize your gadget to travel to and investigate.

A few different capabilities have likewise been added to upgrade the nature of the pictures and recordings you can record. In particular, the Follow capability has been improved to make it simpler for your gadget to distinguish you utilizing calculations. What’s more, the all encompassing shooting capability has likewise been improved so you can get better quality photographs, and remember to change some connected picture factors and have a go at shooting a specific number of times.


The capability of Litchi is very much reasonable when you will be the person who have some control over a robot totally with simply your cell phone. It is advantageous, and every one of the tasks are painstakingly set up inside the application to assist you with capitalizing on your recording. Simultaneously, during use, there will be an elements that you should deal with to safeguard the gadget’s security assuming the application and the gadget lose association or guarantee the nature of the saved item.

The application permits clients to change the picture and video quality for where they take a brief trip and see. Obviously, clients will have numerous choices to upgrade their change since picture and video quality are fundamental and shift as per their motivation, like making a video or noticing a surprising component. Likewise, remember to turn on information put away on your telephone for reuse assuming your robot crashes.


The principal capability that anybody will adore is the waypoint mode that you will require some investment to set up the settings for. On a guide that you find connected with any spot, you can put explicit markers so your gadget can remember them when you arrive. At the end of the day, this checks out when you are an individual who frequently takes recordings or takes photographs in a particular area. From that point, you’ll have the option to set up your variables to advance your work.

At the point when you show up at a natural spot, you positively won’t have any desire to introduce it, over and over, each opportunity you return. So when you put a little spot on the screen, you change related factors like the proper level. From that point, each time you return to that area, your robot can likewise follow the accessible settings and perform its undertakings. The robot can follow an item that has been recently doled out to the gadget you are holding.

There are two factors that you should deal with Track mode and Follow mode. These two modes are utilized to follow an item to create the impression that you need. In any case, the distinction between these two modes is that the Follow mode will be utilized to follow something particular from above through settings, and most perceive the item from the gadget’s sensor and GPS. So this can be viewed as a helpful component as a rule.


Litchi’s responsibility is to assist clients with finding delightful photographs alongside totally quality recordings. Simultaneously, the application additionally permits you to adapt for amazing item quality, for example, openness while recording, changing the nature of recorded pictures, and numerous different variables. They will be gotten back to your gadget, and you can guide the robot to where you need. Simultaneously, the client experience turns out to be more charming when the VR mode is conceived.

VR is an innovation that step by step shows up in various fields like games, motion pictures, and numerous others. When you control the robot and see what it can do in VR mode, you will be completely dazzled as though you were flying in the air and watching everything underneath. Simultaneously, it becomes brilliant when you go to a new region and have great sights; this is an important capability to appreciate them.

Litchi for DJI Drones MOD v4.26.2-g