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App NameMeditopia: Anxiety, Breathing MOD
Latest Versionv3.17.0
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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Meditopia is an effective meditation guide application and has many interesting functions to help users relax anytime, anywhere. Many people in society often experience many psychological problems and often cause the quality of life to be significantly reduced and have lower performance than initially. Therefore, applications that help users relax their minds gradually appear in series, providing them with the most effective relaxation methods, making the body lighter and focusing better on the work. What’s impressive is that many apps also come with free audio programs, helping them listen to the most relaxing things even during their sleep.


Meditopia’s purpose is to always direct users to positive and good things, to help them have a clear and comfortable mind in a life full of anxiety and pressure. And its first step is to have a specially designed interface, bring relaxation and new experiences to users. Of course, it can be personalized with hundreds of options, helping users find the best feeling with just the interface. Also, users can easily navigate the categories of applications using simple gestures or through the title bar. The application will have hundreds of attractive content for many people and ensure that they are always looking for inner peace for a better life and body.


The simplest mechanism to have a healthy body is to adjust your breathing rate to your health, even making the blood circulate better and relax the mind. Meditopia will have many articles guiding users on breathing effectively, even classified into many categories depending on the user’s state. Even adjusting the breathing rate can instantly relax the user’s mind, helping them remove all of their negative emotions. Besides, several articles will introduce the most effective breathing for sleeping, help users immerse in dreams quickly, and wake up with a clear and relaxed mind, ready for a new day.


Meditopia’s content is always focused on relaxing users and conveying positive thoughts to have a relaxing and friendly life. The content of Meditopia can help users let go of pressure or negative thoughts, helping them have a more productive working state over time. All content will be translated into books or audio so that users can enjoy them anytime, anywhere conveniently. Moreover, the application’s amount of content is endless and regularly updated to bring new things about life notions. Therefore, the application will organize all the content into many different categories and provide users with a versatile search engine. It helps them filter out the suitable content


If you are a person who often has problems with sleep amnesia, Meditopia will have more reasons to make you satisfied. The application is programmed under experts’ supervision to feature soothing songs of various genres and develop a sleep-timer feature for users to have the best sleep. Especially the sound effects of nature, many people often have a good night’s sleep when they hear the sound of rain or wind, and the application will simulate those sounds in the most vivid way to immerse the user deep into sleep. The sleep-timer feature has to be set manually, and it automatically turns off the device, saving performance to avoid disturbing users’ sleep.


Many people often have illnesses that result from having negative thoughts or facing many pressures in life. So the application is programmed to help them relieve those troubles most effectively and monitor the user’s health through snoring sounds. Snoring is the most effective way to detect each person’s illness. And as they snore louder, the more they face many psychological illnesses and physical. The application is programmed under health professionals’ supervision. So the application will continuously offer users the best methods to improve their health.



Meditopia is an online library containing all the meditations for users to find and enjoy freely. The app will also recommend multiple mediations suitable for users’ health. Even a rating system for users to choose the most relevant content. And the app will also have much other content for users to explore, making the library richer than ever.

Meditopia is currently one of the best applications in helping users relax and have a deep sleep. Users can enjoy their content anytime, anywhere, whether reading or listening to audio. Everything about the app aims to help users lead active lives and improve their lives in the simplest ways.

Meditopia: Anxiety, Breathing MOD v3.17.0


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