Navigation Pro – Samsung Watch v13.11 APK (Paid) Download for Android

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App NameNavigation Pro MOD
GenreTravel Local
Latest Versionv13.11
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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Navigation Pro supports smartwatch users using the Android operating system. It connects multiple devices together to support user optimization.

As technology is constantly evolving with the common purpose of supporting people in life, so does the physical life of people. The first day the cell phone appeared, the number of people who wanted to own one kept on increasing every day. After a period of time, the smartphone was born to give people the freedom to work, operate and use the same features as a modern PC. In the world today, the two most famous phone companies are Apple and Samsung. Typical for Apple is the iPhone series and the rest is the series with the same name as the manufacturer, Samsung. While recognizing that smartphone production is not enough, today people often pursue materialism and want to show their luxury and wealth. Recognizing this, these two phone companies have successfully launched the next modern product title, Smartwatch. Almost full-featured as a smartphone shrunk on the wrist

However, not everyone has the conditions to own one for themselves. If you own yourself a smartwatch but from Samsung, today I will introduce you to a support utility on Smartwatch, which is Navigation Pro of SmartWatchStudio. This is one of the most popular paid apps on Google Play because of the great feature it brings to Samsung Smartwatch users.

Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch

This is a support utility only for Samsung Smartwatch users in directions based on Google Maps with a predefined route. Instead of having to constantly check google Maps on your device to get to the location, with this app installed on your smartwatch, you will find it easier to find your way to the chosen location. The ability to guide the voice, besides it also comes with 102 languages ​​worldwide; ETA visibility, and many other functions. To be able to install this app on Galaxy Watch, you first need to download the Samsung Gear app and connect to your Gear smartwatch using Bluetooth. If unable to connect, it is recommended to reboot the device and try again.

Next, you will install the Navigation Pro app on your Galaxy Watch and also on your mobile device from Google Play. After a successful download, launch the application on your mobile device first and grant the application access to make it work. If you don’t know how to grant permissions, go to Settings> Security> Notification Access and enable Navigation Pro. After you successfully authorize, launch the app and the next tutorial will continue on your smartwatch.


For this app to work, you need to make sure the Galaxy Wearable app is installed and your Gear smartwatch is connected to your mobile device. If the application still displays the message Ready on the device screen, you need to make sure the map notification is enabled and displayed on the mobile device screen. If you don’t know how to check if it’s enabled, go to Settings> Apps> Maps and activate Show notification. After licensing, you should reboot both your device and smartwatch. Note, you do not need to worry about the type of model that smartwatch is not compatible with because this application supports across Galaxy Watch models like Gear S2 / S3 / Sport, Gear 1, Gear 2, Gear S. And ensure you An app is required to connect your device and smartwatch.

Continue the user guide on your smartwatch. After you authorize and start the application. In section 2, there will be a continuation of the Galaxy App on the smartwatch, install the app on the smartwatch as directed, and it is completely free. After successful installation, the application will appear on your smartwatch screen, launch the smartwatch application, and link to google maps. Now you have successfully installed the Navigation Pro application on your smartwatch.

When you are at a stop and want to go to an address where you do not know the way, start-up google maps, select the route. After choosing a route, the smartwatch screen will show you the closest direction for you, similar to a miniature google map, convenient and easy to use. After you come to a corner, the smartwatch will automatically change and notify you by voice if you enable this feature. Besides, you can also edit, install Navigation Pro on smartwatches on mobile devices such as turning on and off displaying date and time, distance,…

After installing and using the great application, you won’t have to bother checking the google map constantly. And make sure your Galaxy Watch must read this app.

Navigation Pro MOD v13.11


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