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Opera Mini v61.0.2254.59937 APK + MOD (Many Features) Download for Android

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App NameOpera Mini MOD
Latest Versionv61.0.2254.59937
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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For those who have been using the Opera Mini for a long time and stick with each update, surely will find that this is a very lightweight browser and offers many useful features that other browsers do not. So what makes it so special? The first is that the brand of this browser has been associated with many people for a long time. But that does not mean that it stops, but instead, they constantly update the features, change the interface to bring a fairly complete version to the current smartphone. And it is also a fast, safe web browser for Android devices, with many advantages such as ad-blocking, video downloads, night mode, … Let’s learn and experience this application!

Faster – Security – Smart

Fast web browsing Opera Mini has been developed from Java-based versions, famous since the Symbian era, now available on smart mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. According to the latest study, it is currently the fastest browser, 72% more than Google and Chrome, and 64% more than UC Browser on mobile platforms. To achieve this, the application has developed a special technology with the ability to compress data as it travels over the network. Thanks to that, users can see faster web loading speed than any other browser.

Application data saving

Also, thanks to unique compression technology the Opera Mini help to save 3G data more. According to the study, the application reduces 3G data by 3.5 times compared to Chrome and by half compared to UC Browser. On average, 1 month can save about 90Mb. With this data, you can get 45 minutes of video playback or more than 4 hours of music playback. Sometimes it was 7.5 hours of comfortable web surfing or up to 260 status updates on Facebook. Not only that, but the application can also maximize speed and save data up to 90%, so you can even surf the web without interruption. You can easily check your daily data savings status while smart browsing selects the browsing mode for your optimal experience. It’s great, right?

Block ads effectively

Ads can often be found also the reason that affects the current page loading speed. Fortunately, this application has a built-in ad-blocking feature. So you can surf the web better, avoid annoying ads, and reduce your experience. According to research, when ad blocking is turned on, the page load speed will increase by 40% while saving data 14% compared to normal. Surely the application will bring you moments of completely smooth web surfing.

Personalization for all users

You are now the owner of this application so you can make it stand out and browse the way you want. Just simply tap the icon at the bottom of the screen and choose the settings, you can change many things to better suit you. For example, the layout will have 3 parts to choose from, like the phone helps maximize your content, while classic, you can easily use with one hand and the tablet will help you switch tabs. Not only that, but there are also themes with many different colors, when you choose it, you will see the main color on the application change. And if you have poor eyesight and need to increase the text size, go to the page layout and change the font size. Finally, you can change the language directly above without having to change the language of the entire system, very convenient!

Feature to save web pages for later viewing

Sometimes when you are watching a good story on the web, but you are busy turning it off and forgetting to save the link, it is quite hard to find it again, right? Don’t worry because the Opera Mini has a built-in save feature for you to view offline without using data, this is useful when you are searching a lot and want to review later for research. You can also refresh the news whenever you are on wifi and easily manage saved files. For quick access add a shortcut to read offline in your navigation bar.

Some highlights show the flexible

The application’s data compression technology reaches even higher peaks when it even compresses the video for you to watch on a weak transmission line. As a result, it will not affect the video quality for a better experience. When you like a certain video, the application also allows us to download them to your device stored on the memory card for later viewing. A special feature is an application also features “night mode”.

This can be extremely helpful if you often read the web at night. You can adjust the screen color to make it best for you to read at night without worrying about your eyes.”Opera Mini web browser” has many outstanding advantages that you cannot ignore. Download the application right away and experience it now!

Opera Mini MOD v61.0.2254.59937


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