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App NamePeriodic Table 2021 MOD
Latest Versionv0.2.118
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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Periodic Table 2021 PRO makes your Chemistry class so much easier with intuitive, automated interactions.

Chemistry is one of the science subjects taught regularly in schools. Nearly every education requires its students to learn Chemistry. The chemistry periodic table is undoubtedly one of the most useful tools for students to acquire this difficult knowledge. At the present time, education-specific applications have been heavily applied to schools. Periodic Table 2021 is also a reliable name, assisting students more in improving their chemistry knowledge.

A completely free application for Android users

Periodic Table 2021 will assist Android users in comfortably searching for knowledge about chemistry. Specifically, the important knowledge taught in schools about substances is summarized in this application. In fact, this knowledge can be found anywhere on the internet or in textbooks. However, this application does provide them and arranged in a scientific and easy to understand sequence. Besides, it is automatic, need to see what is to see it, so it supports students a lot and quickly. In the process of doing the homework, need to see what substance, then search immediately; No need to waste time opening the book. Knowledge is available and application reacts quickly. All of the above advantages are provided for free.

Organizing science, easily interacting with students

This periodic table displays exactly what the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry has announced. All knowledge you can use is accepted by the most famous scientists in chemistry. In addition, this is an extended periodic version, the newly discovered knowledge will be updated here. One more utility, in addition to the periodic table, “Periodic Table 2021” also provides you with a Solubility table. They are generally all essential tools for those you are learning and working with.

Such a large chemical periodic table and so many elements can hardly give you the detailed information. So, when you click on any substance shown on the screen, it will give you the clearest information about that substance. This is very convenient for students because they can read new knowledge about substances learned in school. The new knowledge that the teachers have not yet taught can be found here. Knowledge is infinite, learning is never wasted.

Vivid visual images, never in a textbook

One of the biggest limitations of a textbook is that it does not have vivid images. Usually, there are only very limited images in books with dense knowledge written in words. This information is certainly more useful and concise than the picture, but it is dry. Learners may lose interest in chemistry because of the bold academic text. The images are easy to access and worth much more exploration. Understanding this, Periodic Table 2021 will add as many pictures as possible to your lessons. Each chemical has its own illustrations. In addition, every small detail has an image for viewers to have a certain interest.

Alternatively, if you have some interest in that chemical then you can click on the Wikipedia link attached. Actually, this information you can easily search directly on Google but it does not have a clear system like this. Like you just can’t know where to start and what to do next. “Periodic Table 2021” gives you a clear direction in understanding knowledge. Gradually, you will become a person with a solid background in chemistry. That would be a huge step forward in becoming good at the subject in school and further down the academic path.

Unique sorting makes it easier to find everything

With hundreds of chemicals piled up in front of your eyes, you can’t keep track of everything at once. It is a huge challenge for learners if they are just starting to have an interest in this difficult science. But with intelligent classification, “Periodic Table 2021” allows users to see substances of the same type in a very intuitive arrangement. If you want to see Alkaline Earth, just click on its category hidden in the menu and those listed in this category will be highlighted and the remaining chemicals will be blurred. Properties such as Nonmetals, Halogens, Semiconductors, … all work this way.

Periodic Table 2021 MOD v0.2.118


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