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App NamePhoto Translator MOD
Latest Versionv8.5.2
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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A reliable image and document translation tool called Photo Translator will help you overcome language difficulties and straightforwardly access important information. You will take the time to experience its functionality and convenience. In addition, the number of languages it supports is also an impressive number for users. Don’t forget to update the two new functions that have just been added in the current updated version.


The advantage of Photo Translator for users is that it gives them the function of translating images completely quickly and without too much effort. You will not need to sit and enter the information in front of your eyes into the device but only need a single application. Therefore, as long as the application recognizes the image, you will be able to completely grasp the information of foreign sentences completely quickly and conveniently.

This function is completely new when you let the application recognize sentences that you cannot translate with the previously selected language. So, with just a smartphone, you can translate anything to understand important information. It can be said that this function is entirely suitable for those who travel or go to an area where they speak a language they do not know. It will be helpful to users because of the valuable functionality it can bring.


We must mention OCR technology for image recognition applications to help the application recognize essential information in the file that you have used. Therefore, the developer has tried to improve the OCR technology of the Photo Translator to make it possible to recognize what is in front of the eyes entirely accurately. At the same time, the accuracy of the image or text is also wholly dependent on the user when choosing the correct camera angle to identify information.

For this request, surely any user can use it because it is similar to using a photo app to save some information. So, anyone who wants to take a good photo will position the device carefully and correctly for a while. The experience when using this application is the same. It is not entirely challenging for the users but only requires a certain amount of attention to ensure the information is correctly identified.


Image translation is speedy when you select the translated language and target language correctly. After making the selection, you will use the application to identify the information. Photo Translator supports automatically recognizing and returning the translation results immediately by pointing its camera to the information you need a translation. So, in just a certain amount of time, the results will appear instantly without having to go through too many steps.

Besides the images or icons that you feel are important, the application still supports the translation of related documents in a completely simple way. At the same time, it still works similar to the above ways when you will need to do some actions for the application to recognize important information. Therefore, you can choose from many different translation methods in the application depending on the object you need to translate.

When it comes to a language translation application, you need to pay attention to the number of languages you can find to do the translation. The application will provide you with more than 100 different languages that you can find with complete ease. So you can find the language you understand as the target language and many different languages as the translated language. It can be said that you can communicate in many different ways.


This application is entertaining and can be helpful for many people as they translate documents that they desire. So if you wish to install this app, you will only need a stable and mid-range device to operate this app. It does not own any factors that affect the operation of the device because it only focuses on translation. It can be said that Photo Translator can appear on many different systems.

Besides the basic functions introduced above, you will certainly not be able to ignore the newly added functions of the application. It will help you optimize your translation. Two newly added functions are offline translation and translation with a specific document. So you can translate documents anywhere and anytime, but you will need to prepare some essentials before doing this translation. In addition, you have received an additional object that the application can translate.

Photo Translator MOD v8.5.2


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