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App NamePiano Companion MOD
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Piano Companion carries clients to the universe of music. In any case, the music you will come to is remarkable in that it isn’t accessible, however you will be the creator. Hence, in the event that you are a performer, an arranger, or basically an individual who is enthusiastic about making and getting a charge out of tunes, this is a trustworthy decision. At the point when you come to us, you can utilize fanciful piano consoles to figure out how to play. That, however you additionally have the application to help recollecting the utility harmony names.


With the presence of the fifth circle and relating harmonies, you are prepared to construct any melodic movement. As such, you can utilize the harmony wheels that are plainly shown on the screen to uninhibitedly form melodies. Not halting there, we additionally assist you with learning various harmonies and scales most expertly and deliberately.


On the off chance that you honestly love the piano however don’t have the circumstances, this application will assist you with understanding your fantasy. In particular, you can utilize the piano through MIDI consoles, and it’s finished and has a tone that is the same as a genuine piano. Not halting there, another component of this application that vows to bring you many encounters is that you will study music hypothesis other than the viable excursion. Moreover, In the event that you can’t recall the name of a specific harmony, we are the ace in the hole for you.


What’s more, this application likewise inclines toward permitting you to make your library. This spot is a precious fortune that consistently, consistently, you have steadily examined and added various scales and harmonies. Alluding to this application can not overlook in excess of 1500 harmonies up to 6 reversals. Not halting there, you likewise appreciate in excess of 10000 assorted scales; it very well may be the presence of major, minor to blu.


At last, Piano Companion likewise gives you more developments to add the right melodic movement. They are made in view of a proper succession. Likewise, with MIDI result, the capacity to consolidate DAS with this application is more straightforward than any time in recent memory. Specifically, you are additionally upheld with more high pitch and bass keys to making one of a kind tunes. Furthermore, you get additional playability joined with the customary circle highlight. In addition, the scale fingers give you the opportunity to adjust to the predominant music foundation.


  • Major, minor, decreased, increased, sevenths, and different reversals are among the 1500+ piano harmonies accessible.
  • Major, minor, chromatic, pentatonic, blues, and different scales are among the 10,000+ accessible.
  • Scale and Harmony Hypothesis in Music
  • Scale Examples and Harmony Movement Manufacturer (harmony sequencer)
  • Circle of Fifths is intelligent (Harmony Wheel)
  • The capacity to make extraordinary harmonies and orchestrate your own harmony graphs and libraries
  • Support for turn around mode with an outside MIDI console
  • Piano Companion has a MIDI result (iOS) that permits you to interface it to your #1 DAW.
  • In Circle of Fifths, here’s a rundown of the multitude of harmonies you can play (Harmony Wheel)
  • English, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, and other regularly utilized key documentations are a couple of models.
  • On the staff, with high pitch and bass clefs, shows harmony and scale.
  • Harmonies of viable scales, related and relative scales, and viable’s harmonies are totally shown.
  • Auxiliary Prevailing and Optional Driving Tone are two logical terms for exactly the same thing.
  • Tonic, Supertonic, Mediant, Subdominant, Predominant, Submediant, Driving tone (in Significant scale)\/Subtonic are probably the most frequently utilized degrees (in Regular Minor Scope)
  • Custom harmonies might be made or current harmonies can be changed.
  • Ability to play a harmony or arpeggio in a circle; capacity to play a scale in a circle
  • In harmony movements, arpeggios are utilized.
  • Ideas for a scale
  • Harmony movements utilizing relative harmonies
  • You have the valuable chance to build your own scale fingering as well as use local area scale fingerings.
  • Clients might add scales and harmonies to their libraries.
  • You might make your own harmony libraries and harmony graphs assuming that you need to.
  • The capacity to make your own custom scales

Piano Companion MOD v6.55.325