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Pixel+ Music Player v5.1.0 APK (Patched) Download for Android

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App NamePixel+ Music Player MOD
GenreMusic & Audio
Latest Versionv5.1.0
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
Get it OnPlayStore

Pixel+ Music Player integrates many features on the same screen, making listening to music much more convenient than before.

There are countless ways for people to relax after hours of hard work or enjoy themselves anytime and anywhere to experience life. Such as watching movies, gaming, chatting, working, and finally listening to music. Music is indispensable in our world now, as it’s ubiquitous, and there are hundreds of genres. Users can easily search for music anywhere, download, and even store on the phone to listen anywhere. And this article will present you with a versatile, convenient, and user-friendly music player. It’s Pixel+ Music Player, which has many advanced features, like radio, podcast, and a user-friendly interface. It is also convenient to help users organize their music library and ensure that users have the best music experience.


Pixel+ is a versatile music player, but its main feature is integration with Radio Stations and Podcasts. Those two things differ in concept and how they operate, but their overall purpose is to provide the user with an enjoyable experience thanks to its programs. The application will contain a multitude of radio stations worldwide, with a variety of genres and styles in each of their content. Meanwhile, podcasts will be talk shows about a certain issue in the entertainment world, and there are hundreds of content that users can listen to at any time. Each radio station will also list all the content it will play, even users will get broadcast schedules for their favorite radios. Of course, the app will have radio stations for famous singers, and users can enjoy all their favorite songs for free.


Besides integrating Radio and Podcasts, Pixel+ also has an excellent interface, with a simple layout, and uses bright colors to list all content easily. The application will automatically scan all the songs or audio files that the user has stored on the device, even arrange them to help users easily manipulate them. All songs will display detailed content, such as the artist’s name, album, and other information available to the user. Through the application settings, users can customize the interface, such as changing the interface, layout, and pretty things for the best user experience.

Pixel + is a versatile music player so that it will have separate categories, and users can easily move between them thanks to the scroll bar or title bars of the interface. Of course, users can use other simple gestures like swipe, pinch, etc., to expand the menu list to access the advanced features of the application.


With all the songs in the device, the app will have a separate music interface and even comes with many advanced built-in features for users to have the best listening experience. Not only that, but the interface is also flexible and versatile, displaying all information on the song. While playing music, users can interact with their playlist via the notification bar, like pause, forward, and change the volume of the music. Not just the notification bar, but even the lock-screen if the user changes settings in the app. Most music players have one thing in common: play music anytime, anywhere, even with apps hidden, and will automatically stop if there are incoming calls. Pixel+ will be a perfect application for users to manage their music library, as well as ensure the best listening experience.


The amount of music on a user’s device can be endless, and Pixel+ can easily handle all of them, like sorting, categorize, and automatically scans the attached data. If the user has playlists available or albums, the application will have a separate category. Besides, the search engine is versatile and efficient, allowing users to quickly search for their favorite songs with just a few simple keywords, even the artist’s name. While listening to music, users will be supported with an audio editor, even comes with many presets available such as pop, rock, jazz, etc. Of course, users can customize them according to their preferences, because the sound is diverse and rich, and people have individual preferences.

All of the above features are the basic functions of Pixel+, which means it also has a lot for users to explore and experience music. Furthermore, the app is also a suitable choice for a comprehensive alternative to the device’s basic music player, even more superior. All thanks to the built-in feature Radio Station and Podcasts for users to enjoy anytime, anywhere. If you listen to music regularly, whether going out, for entertainment and even for hobbies, this application will bring you the best listening experience.

Pixel+ Music Player MOD v5.1.0


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