PortDroid v0.6.17 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download for Android

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App NamePortdroid MOD
Latest Versionv0.6.17
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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Internet is one of the utilities used by many people worldwide, and it helps them connect. Simultaneously, through this wide connection, users can get various benefits such as finding information on websites quickly or satisfying their entertainment needs. Using it, you will encounter some connection problems or factors that you need to look up if you are in in-depth information technology. To help you completely solve some related problems quickly, you can use PortDroid – Network Analysis Kit & Port Scanner.


PortDroid – Network Analysis Kit & Port Scanner owns an entirely user-friendly interface when all designs are made completely simple. You can see a menu list with different functions, and you can choose the right one. Simultaneously, the functional distinction is essential when each function possesses a specific role and complexity.

Each of the functions that this application offers owns its results and search methods that anyone has access to. However, sometimes, users also need to spend a lot of time experiencing all that the application can bring. Simultaneously, the information that the user receives is obvious and made a list so you can examine each element if you find it wholly suspicious or harmful.

When using this application, you will need to permit it to function correctly. Depending on the function, you will need to enable many different factors and corresponding to that function. For example, if you want to check that you are using Wifi, you must turn on the Wifi network you are using so that the application can check usually. From there, it is possible to return the corresponding results.


PortDroid – Network Analysis Kit & Port Scanner owns many different exciting functions. That ultimately will take quite a lot of time for users to understand the functions that this application can bring fully. However, once you have grasped it, you can absolutely know which functions you can focus on. One of the first functions that we can mention is monitoring the network you are using.

As noted above, you will need to grant specific permissions to access the respective network. The first stage is you will need to select the web that you need to test. After a few minutes, you will get the results returned by applying the devices using your network. Depending on the provided icon, you can completely know what types of devices are accessing your network.

Besides the above function, you will find functions that allow you to find IP-related information or the website. The operation is quickly done by entering the web and IP addresses you find suspicious in the application. Wait a few minutes, you will get the corresponding results again, and you can continue to use these data in many different ways.

The benefits just mentioned can appear in two main functions: Traceroute and Reverse IP Lookup, and its function is entirely applicable for many different purposes. Besides finding relevant information, you can also locate the IP locations that you have just updated. It is essential when you need to know the user’s location, and from there, you can take action if the user is entirely harmful to you.


PortDroid – Network Analysis Kit & Port Scanner gives you a beneficial function and is applied in many different ways. Therefore, those who are looking for similar functionality cannot ignore this application. You only need a medium configuration device to install apps. Indeed, this is not a problematic requirement, and anyone can satisfy to experience the application.

It is an application that owns many functions related to the information technology field. These functions are wholly reasonable, so you can check the different elements of the website you own. Therefore, many people on the app store have highly appreciated the app and received a lot of positive feedback from them. It is the moment for you to install this application and experience the fun it can bring you.


PortDroid – Network Analysis Kit & Port Scanner is an application that helps you check application factors related to connectivity, web address, and IP. Depending on each function, you will receive different information and results to apply them to many other purposes. It is essential when you can spot suspicious access to your website. Hence, let the app help you do just that.

Portdroid MOD v0.6.17


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