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App NamePujie Black MOD
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Have you quite recently claimed a smartwatch yet don’t have the foggiest idea how to change its look? Pujie Black will be an incredible partner to assist you with planning a lovely and agreeable point of interaction for your smartwatch. As well as following the time, presently following wellbeing, the present weather conditions has likewise become extremely simple. Straightforwardness and usability with one-contact surfing is a major upside point for clients of this application.


The Pujie Black application will interface with your smartwatch in light of the associated gadget remotely. Like that, the activities set in the application will be moved to the relating smartwatch. To begin with, to make reference to the element to change the backdrop. Clients can utilize the backdrops accessible in the application to set the clock or utilize the pictures in the telephone memory. This application will do the sending of that picture from your telephone to the smartwatch.

Furthermore, how the time is shown and the design on the clock likewise have numerous options for clients \u2014 in excess of 20 kinds of watch countenances and remarkable presentations for clients to look over. The advanced clock face, circle, square, electronic hour hand, exemplary hour hand, and so on, can be generally set in the control part of the application. Formats including multi-page looking on the watch can likewise be effortlessly set up in this application. Coordinate them basically with definite directions in every use segment. It won’t be challenging for you to plan the connection point for your smartwatch voluntarily!


Smartwatches are another mechanical development. A considerable lot of the capabilities found in telephones are presently open with only a watch. You want an application to change them to make them simpler to utilize. Pujie Black can assist you with this issue. This application assists you with changing the change of highlights, for example, schedule view, schedule view, weather conditions view, and so on. You can utilize the elements to put clear pages or make little envelopes minimized on the point of interaction screen of the smartwatch. The time in the application is changed by the ongoing home time region. Thus, on the off chance that there is a transition to an alternate time region, the application will assist with changing your watch naturally.

An exceptionally pleasant component of the application is wellbeing observing. You can introduce this new wellbeing highlight on your smartwatch with this application. At the point when worn on the wrist, with the touch circuit, it can screen your pulse and screen your wellbeing with the changing temperature climate. Or on the other hand you can likewise utilize Google Fit to follow your own means, bicycle, run or walk, because of this application. It will enhance the utilization as well as help highlights for your smartwatch.


Like a cell phone, a smartwatch can likewise take pictures and instant messages. All in all, how to see its chronicles? Pujie Black will help your smartwatch connect with distributed storage. On account of that, the information in your watch can be kept perpetually and not taken with protection. Specifically, the information in the cloud can be imparted to other people assuming you need.

Furthermore, the application likewise upholds in excess of 800 textual styles and global dialects – English. So it is clear to use with everybody on the planet. Battery-accommodating mode upgrades the leftover battery duration of the smartwatch. Incorporate numerous helpful highlights for your gadget, and particularly clients have the chance to utilize the initial 15 days free of charge!


  • Set a foundation screen with previous pictures or pictures chose from the telephone memory. The work area foundation and design can be changed whenever.
  • Many oddities’ extraordinary watch show plans match your style, joined by a programmed time change framework relying upon the time region.
  • Backing to introduce and utilize the elements of plan view, schedule view, weather conditions view. Coordinate them in your smartwatch’s riding pages.
  • Track your wellbeing with pulse observing and Google Fit to follow steps, ride a bicycle, runs, and walk.
  • Store all information in distributed storage. Imparting information here to numerous different users is conceivable.

Pujie Black MOD v5.1.46