Routinery MOD APK v3.26.3 [Premium Unlocked]

Routinery MOD APK
App Name Routinery
Latest Version v3.26.3
Last Updated 15 Jul 2024
Publisher Routinery
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Category Productivity
Size 149M
Google Playstore google play
4.2 Rating (472)

Routinery is an application designed for tracking habits, which aids users in establishing productive routines and reaching their goals through self-care. With more than 4 million downloads across 72 countries, Routinery provides 286 features to assist in forming habits.


Routinery offers comprehensive analytics for users to track their progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The clear analytics help users to stay responsible and motivated in maintaining their habits. The calendar feature enables users to identify any inconsistencies and areas for improvement with ease. Having insight into habit performance is essential for making progress.


The application aids users in staying committed by giving them badges for their progress and offering encouragement from a virtual assistant. As users continue a habit each day, they receive a badge with a growing plant, which helps them feel a sense of achievement. The assistant motivates users and provides positive reinforcement, which is important for maintaining habits. These functions encourage users to stick with their habits and turn them into automatic routines.


Routinery helps beginners by introducing them to lesser-known features and providing pre-made routines for those who are not sure where to begin. By offering structured guidance, the app makes it easier for users to create initial routines that are focused on the basics. As beginners achieve success, they become more confident in customizing habits to align with their goals. The app evolves with users as they develop foundational disciplines.


Routinery offers flexibility to fit various lifestyles by providing support for Android phones, tablets, and wear OS, as well as backup and sync features. Users can easily input routines in their preferred way and time using universal functionality. The seamless switching between devices ensures consistent progress, leading to the quicker incorporation of habitual behaviors. The wide access to different devices allows users to track their routines effortlessly.


Through the integration of motivation tools and efficient tracking, Routinery gives users the ability to reach goals that may require increased concentration, such as those with ADHD. The automated reminders help users stay organized, especially for those who struggle with external organization. Individuals looking to improve their morning productivity can establish "Miracle Morning" routines with the help of timed planners, which promote accountability until personal drive is strengthened through positive reinforcement. In the end, Routinery aids in the development of habits that lead users towards achieving their goals.

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