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Space Survivor MOD APK v2.0.17 [Unlimited Gold, Gems, Tickets]

Space Survivor MOD APK
App Name Space Survivor
Latest Version v2.0.17
Last Updated 06 Jun 2024
Publisher iStar Technology Investment Co Ltd
Mod Info Unlimited Gold
Category Action
Size 76M
Google Playstore google play
4.7 Rating (778)

Do you have the courage to step into the unfamiliar and confront frightening creatures? Individuals seeking an exciting challenge to test their survival skills will find enjoyment in this game. Let's examine what aspects make this game captivating and demanding for players of any expertise level.


In Space Survivor, the survival skills you acquire will be challenged in multiple ways. Throughout the game, different types of hostile monsters will enter the spaceship at various times. It is crucial to avoid these creatures to protect your life. In particular, cursed monsters have the ability to render your weapons useless. Additionally, be cautious of entering any hidden compartments on the ship, as they could be the work of these monsters and pose a significant risk to your team's success.


The key to being successful in this game is to create a strong defense system. You can spend your gold to create and enhance weapons to fight against the creatures. However, be careful not to be surprised by monsters at night. If a door is damaged, repair it quickly by clicking the [Repair] button. You must be quick and strategic in your choices as you face increasingly difficult challenges in the game.


In order to be victorious in Space Survivor, you need to find a safe place and fortify the entrance. Use the tap feature to create a defense setup within the area, then combat the monster until daylight comes back. Upgrading your weapons will improve your chances of surviving. This game is challenging and fast-paced, putting your reflexes and strategic skills to the test. Space Survivor offers an exciting and engaging experience for players of any expertise level.


The impressive 3D visuals of Space Survivor are a key feature that sets it apart, offering players a realistic and immersive gaming experience. The game boasts well-designed environments and characters with intricate details. Players are kept entertained by the thrilling superhero battles, showcasing a variety of famous figures dressed as heroes. Space Survivor stands out as a top platforming adventure due to its captivating and unforgettable gameplay.

Engaging in Space Survivor promises hours of uninterrupted enjoyment and thrill. This game is a must-try for adventure enthusiasts, offering various creatures, the ability to build defense systems, and impressive 3D visuals. So why delay any longer? Let's embark on this adventure tonight and see how far we can go!

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