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Tasker v5.13.7 APK (Paid/Patched) Download for Android

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App NameTasker MOD
Latest Versionv5.14.8
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
Get it OnPlayStore

Smartphones are one of the revolutionary inventions and have completely changed the lives of people. From the first launch in 2003 to now in 2019, smartphones have grown into an integral part of us. Although it also brings adverse effects to people, it cannot be denied that the benefits it brings us far beyond its harms. They support people in a lot of things, from managing your work at the company or managing your own home. With the technology growing, everything is gradually becoming automated, the plant also installs conveyors that work automatically. So the phone should manage it all automatically, you can do this with the Tasker app. Produced by joaomgcd, they have launched a lot of apps before to make our phones fully automatic as well. But you can’t install an application for every function, so Tasker was born to bring it all together.

This application will be a great support tool for you, come to the application, everything will be fully automated. You will no longer worry about complicated operations that are repeated many times. These steps will get you bored and you will get tired of doing so. To be able to make your phone “Smart” in the right sense and be able to operate by yourself, please download the app “Tasker” right now.

To make your smartphone automatic in every way, what features must the app have to be able to do? Let’s find out right away.

Automatic: This is the most outstanding feature of the application, this application is integrated with more than 200 different tasks that phone users often use. These tasks have been carefully selected by the application’s creative team to include in them. But for the application to work properly, users need to install some basic things from the beginning. For example, if you want to start the music player automatically when you plug in a headset, you must first install it. Click the “+” icon in the Profiles section then select the “State” category and select “Hardware”. After completing these steps, a window will appear, select the category Headset plugged. The last step is to add the Task, select New Task to associate with the task we just created. These are just some simple tasks, in addition, the application also allows to do a lot more complicated things.


Imagine that you have saved some confidential documents or photos or videos that you don’t want anyone to know about. But one of your friends wants to borrow a phone to use it for a while and they rummage through your phone to discover your dark secrets. What a bad thing, right? But don’t worry, since there is “Tasker” here to help, another great thing about this application is security. You can set some locks for other applications in case someone wants to find out your secret stored on your phone.
Notifications: If you are concentrating on work then suddenly your phone sounds the tone of the message. If you stop to read the message, you will easily be distracted and forget the idea. Especially those who are inherently hard to concentrate on work. So whenever messages are sent to your phone, they are scanned from text to audio, and broadcast to you so you can hear the message without having to turn on the device. If the phone’s loudspeaker is not loud enough to notify you, in the latest update, the application also allows Bluetooth connectivity with other devices such as speakers, headphones …


For careless people and often lose your phone, or unfortunately your phone is stolen, it will be very difficult to be found. But with this app, you can connect your mobile device to your computer. When your phone is lost it will still be able to locate it and come back immediately.
Emergency SMS: Let’s say you’re on an outing with friends, but your phone is out of battery. You are engrossed in giddy but do not pay attention to that, while the phone is off because the battery is out, your boss calls to have something important that you need to solve. Unfortunately, your phone is out of battery and you don’t have the device to charge right here. Also, do not worry because you absolutely can avoid the case that happened to you. This app allows you to automatically send emergency messages to your family members or friends to notify them about running out of battery and to ask them for help.

Automatically Shut Off Data: The Internet is something that you cannot lack in this day and age, whether in business or entertainment. But to use mobile data, you will consume a lot of battery, even there are times that you do not need to use but forget to turn it off. The application can do this automatically, you only need to set the battery level, then when the device drops to the level of that battery, mobile data will be automatically turned off.

These are just some of the features of the application, there are many other great features that cannot be counted. I will let you explore the remaining features of the application by yourself.


The application was designed by the game’s design team based on 2 main colors: orange and white, looking very bright and eye-catching. The interface of the application is divided into 3 main tabs, Profile, Task, Scenes with each tab having different functions. Profiles are where you create tasks so they can work. Tasks are where you link the tasks you have created here to be used. For the task you create to work, it needs to be put in the Task, otherwise, it will not work. Scenes are where you can freely design the application’s themes.

All in all, this is a great application and great help for your daily tasks. With the application, you will no longer have to worry about any further delay, because all are pre-programmed by yourself. Integrated with great features, the application’s intuitive interface has nothing left to reproach. So what are you waiting for without downloading “Tasker” right away, we support a free download. But if you feel that the benefits outweigh its price, go back to Google Play to support the app’s publisher so they can launch more great things in the future.

Tasker MOD v5.14.8


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