Vivid AI MOD APK v1.7.2 [Premium Unlock]

App Name Vivid AI
Latest Version v1.7.2
Last Updated 06 Jul 2024
Publisher Cyberlink Corp
Mod Info Premium Unlock
Category Art Design
Size 168 MB
Google Playstore google play
4.7 Rating (819)

Vivid AI is a powerful photo editing application that employs artificial intelligence to apply impressive effects and changes. By utilizing Magic Avatar, users can transform ordinary photos into unique portraits, turning themselves into anime characters, cyborgs, and more. The app allows users to experiment with different fashion styles and outfits visually, as well as swap backgrounds for new settings and add dramatic skies for diverse atmospheres. Additionally, Vivid AI offers an AI art generator that can create images based on text prompts. Whatever creative enhancements users want to make to their photos, Vivid AI provides the necessary tools through its AI-powered features.

Vivid AI distinguishes itself with its AI portrait features such as Magic Avatar, which use impressive effects to stylize photos. By simply tapping a few times, users can transform themselves into legendary heroes, sci-fi characters, and various artistic styles. The AI can create a wide range of creative portraits, allowing users to showcase fun character versions of themselves.

One main feature is trying on various outfits and styles using AI technology in fashion. Experiment with different combinations of clothing, hats, and accessories virtually. View yourself dressed in different fashions before making a purchase. The AI clothing generator makes styling easy.

In addition to adjusting characters, Vivid AI has the ability to smartly change backgrounds and skies. Users can switch locations, add colorful sunsets, starry nights, or stormy skies to create the desired atmosphere. Even minor adjustments can have a major impact on the visual appearance.

Connecting everything is the capability to create visuals from text. The AI art generator transforms words into images resembling flowers or galaxies. Easily generate artistic pictures.

Using advanced AI technology, Vivid AI offers strong features for editing photos in a unique way, allowing for easy stylizing and creative text conversion. It empowers users to visually bring their most imaginative ideas to fruition.

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