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App NameWebtoon MOD
GenreBooks Reference
Latest Versionv2.8.0
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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WEBTOON is a community for comics lovers. Here you can read stories written by users or famous comic books.

It can be said that reading stories is one of the oldest and most popular forms of entertainment. Surely one of us has at least once passionately read an intriguing storybook. Depending on age, tastes will become different. Older adults will enjoy reading novels and things written entirely in words. Because stories often use words to describe things and things in a “real” way that is meaningful and contains many profound philosophies of life. On the other hand, young people often prefer comics – a genre of stories that contain a lot of content that is nested by pictures, lines, and quotes.

Stories to Obsess Over

The reason young readers love this genre is because of the authenticity and expression of the characters. Yes, usually, the nuances of the characters are portrayed quite clearly by the artists, making the whole story come alive as a shortened movie. Thereby, readers can imagine the scenery of the entire story. And of course, comics also carry many of the same subtle and engaging philosophies as traditional story novels.

Webtoon concept

At present, comics have grown stronger than before and are considered the ninth art of mankind. Referring to the comics industry, Japan ‘s Manga can be seen as a leading country. However, this market has been changing a lot because of the development of comics in Western countries and some major countries in Asia. Korea is one of the countries focusing on developing this type of entertainment. Readers of longtime comics can easily recognize the outstanding development and fierce competition of Mangwa (Korea) with the Manga industry. Even Korea has chosen for itself very strong and bold steps. Clearly, Koreans have proven their success with an entirely new comic format – “Webtoon”. For those who are not familiar with this concept, “Webtoon” is a unique and novel comic book genre, combining animation with sound. Both of these elements bring readers new feelings in the process of experiencing the details of the story. This new type of entertainment is well received by readers around the world.

Initially, Webtoon was just a comic format published on the website, but it is now much more developed. You can easily find it on the Google Play app store system of the Android operating system. Up to the present time, “Webtoon” has collected more than 50 million downloads to the device and use it regularly. Not only that, but this application is also the number of people rated “Good” towering. Therefore, Korea has become one of the major countries in the field of comic development.

Simple and Smooth Interface

The application design language Webtoon of application developer “Naver Webtoon” is relatively easy to understand and effortless to get used to. One-third of the area appearing on the screen is the covers of the most appreciated comics based on many different criteria including most viewed stories, Stories with the highest Rating, Stories New, Comics by famous authors,… The advantage of this design is quite easy for users to recognize. Placing great stories on the top will maximize the revenue of the Web in general and these stories in particular. And at the same time, users also enjoy many entertaining moments with their favorite stories. Like many reading apps, “Webtoon” will still be optimized for a personal space, which is dedicated to you based on the data you have provided passively through searching, and the algorithm to find works that have something in common with the stories you’ve read.


In addition, Webtoon also brings many other outstanding features that you cannot miss. First, there are many artists writing stories in different genres introduced through this application. Famous comic artists or novices are recommended according to different catalogs. They will be judged based on your Search Keywords, the number of likes of the readers, and even the time it was released. Besides, the content of the stories in “Webtoon” is usually very short and is updated quickly. The unfinished stories will be broken down by day of the week and integrated into a list. As long as a new story is updated, you will be easily found in the list split by that date. Next, a feature that readers can not ignore is the system of division of the extremely rich genre of stories.

In this great app, you’ll be able to search for all your favorite types of stories, such as romance, fantasy adventures, or horror and mystery stories,… It can be said that this application does not have any kind of story that you cannot find. And the last outstanding feature is the ability to create your own favorite list of stories. Besides the passive information collection by an algorithm programmed by the developer, users can collect favorite stories from the search process for good stories. This feature is extremely convenient, you can comfortably enjoy more favorite series without worrying about the interruption, or not finding a story to watch.

Webtoon MOD v2.8.0


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