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App NameWomanlog Pro Calendar MOD
Latest Versionv6.2.2
MOD InfoPRO/Unlocked/MOD
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When is the last day of my last menstrual period? Maybe a few weeks ago? The latter makes it difficult for many girls to recognize abnormal changes in the menstrual cycle, leading to not a timely examination. With WomanLog Pro Calendar you no longer have to memorize and record your menstrual cycle on a paper or female notebook. A menstrual schedule tracker will help women no longer have to worry about remembering their cycle. Easily predict and announce the start and end date of the next menstrual cycle. In addition to the smart menstrual tracking app, it also has the ability to accurately calculate ovulation time to increase the chances of conceiving more. With a dense schedule of activities, this will be an extremely useful tool for girls when reducing the number of things to remember.

Accurate prediction for the next cycle

You must often suffer because the day “red light” sometimes comes suddenly, without any warning at all. Now, the application WomanLog Pro Calendar will be a powerful assistant for you in these unpleasant days. When you first start using it, just enter the date of your last period, how long on average your period lasted. Around how many days your period will return and finally choose your year of birth. Based on the information obtained, the system will automatically analyze and predict the start date for all next menstrual cycles with the highest probability.

Get notified when your period is coming or the end of your period

The menstrual reminder is an extremely useful and convenient feature that WomanLog Pro Calendar brings to women. Set to receive reminder notifications a few days before your period, the exact date your period starts, or even the date your period ends and you can include content to remember. When the date comes, the system will automatically send you notifications, so you can be more proactive and flexible in preparing the items you need for the cycle better.

Editing the menstrual cycle to help make forecasts more accurate

For those girls with menstrual cycle irregularities, often until an irregular or intermittent. The application will suggest a “predictive improvement” feature by regularly reminding you to take notes of your mood each day in the app. You just need to provide full information print on the first and last date of the cycle. Set the next cycle reminder schedule and information about your psychological and body state so you can predict the “red light” day of the next cycle. Or you can manually adjust your menstrual cycle schedule so that the application makes more accurate forecasts in the future.

Calculating the period of ovulation and recording symptoms

Currently, many young people want to avoid having to encounter the risk of pregnancy but do not seem to know how to follow up. With “WomanLog Pro Calendar”, the app will automatically calculate the absolutely safe period for sex and your ovulation period. The feature accurately calculates the period of ovulation to track fertility and ovulation times to know the chances of conception and reproduction. Based on your menstrual cycle and daily mood diary records, menstrual symptoms like colic, your sexual needs. The application can accurately determine the moment of high fertility.

Switch to pregnancy mode to track pregnancy time

Besides features like menstrual cycle prediction or ovulation time, the app also includes pregnancy mode. Pregnancy mode is a very useful feature exclusively for mothers. You can easily track changes in the physiology of pregnancy, help calculate gestational age by week, count down the date of birth of the baby, and know the exact due date. You can also check and see the development of the fetus through each day with just a smartphone to be able to nourish the fetus accordingly.

Manage health information

You just need to enter information about your health such as weight, sleep time, amount of water to drink per day into the app. The indicators will be displayed in the form of graphs, visual reports. Everything is synthesized by the system to help you easily manage and understand your body condition. You can rely on that to make your own adjustments to a healthier lifestyle. Since then, giving out exercise regimes for you to improve daily living habits in a better direction.

WomanLog Pro Calendar is a convenient menstrual cycle tracker, isn’t it? Please download and experience all of its useful features.

Womanlog Pro Calendar MOD v6.2.2


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